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Article: In Conversation With @Katstoybarn

In Conversation With @Katstoybarn

In Conversation With @Katstoybarn

In celebration of Toy Story's 25th anniversary, we have launched a new jewellery collection inspired by the characters from this Pixar franchise.
We spoke with Disney lover and Toy Story enthusiast, Katrina Tauro aka @katmeetsmagic on the nostalgia that Toy Story plays, her favourite pieces from the collection and how she styles them.
  1. What do you love most about Toy Story?

The thing I love most about Toy Story is the array of characters in the film - a lot were based on toys that we grew up with and owned ourselves, but I'm sure that everyone wanted a Woody or Buzz Lightyear doll after seeing the movie. It gave us all a greater appreciation for our toys.


  1. When you first heard about the collection, what were you most excited about?

I was most excited to see which characters made the cut, as I have so many favourites - but Couture Kingdom did an amazing job of featuring so many aspects of the Toy Story franchise - there really is something for everyone in this collection.


  1. What are your favourite pieces from the collection?

My favourite 3 pieces would be the Alien Claw earrings, The Alien necklace and the Sheriff Woody necklace.

I love that the claw earrings are adjustable and you can move the claw up and down - I also love that both the necklaces have little hidden details to them like having "Oooh" written on the reverse side of the Alien necklace and "You've Got A Friend In Me" on the back of the Sheriff Woody necklace. It's little details like these that I'm sure Disney and Toy Story fans are going to love.




  1. How would you style these 3 favourite pieces?

I would pair the Alien earrings and necklace together - I usually like to try and incorporate colours that are respective of the character so I would wear a blue shirt (I have one with the Pizza Planet logo on it), black jeans and I have a matching Alien crossbody bag that would go perfectly with it all.

For the Woody necklace - I would wear a flannel shirt (preferably in yellow like Woody), with jeans and brown boots with a red bandana in my hair.



Shop the full Toy Story Collection here.

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