Everyone Has A Little Princess In Them

Enter into the enchanting world of Disney beauties. From Cinderella to Pocahontos, our Disney Princess jewellery collection will adorn and make a statement on even the smallest of princesses.


Shop our favourites below:

1. Disney Princess Cinderella Banglefeatures an iconic film frame celebrating true love and acts a reminder to never let go of your dreams.


2. Disney Princess Pocahontas Key Necklace - unlock your dreams with this shimmering highly textured design, encouraging you to discover new paths.


3. Disney Princess The Little Mermaid Dinglehopper Earrings - inspired by the treasures of Ariel, are these dainty Dinglehopper sleeper style earrings. Perfect for Ariel fans of all ages.



4. Disney Princess Pocahontas Banglemakes it impossible to forget that you can shape your own destiny if you choose your path and trust your heart.


5. Disney Princess Snow White Key Necklace - unlock your dreams with this shimmering design boasting rich royal vibes and empowering you to open your heart to dreams


Shop the full collection here.

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