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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Couture Kingdom we hold ethical business practice very close to our hearts including human rights, equality, environment and sustainability. In order to protect our core values we abide by the following Corporate Social Responsibility policy which applies, not only to our own operational code but, throughout our entire supply chain.

Policy Statement

The following policy acts as Couture Kingdom’s operational code to ensure that Couture Kingdom operates, and sources, ethically and responsibly in all aspects of operations. This CSR is a reflection, and guideline, of Couture Kingdom’s core values of integrity, respect, human rights, equality, environmental and community responsibility.

Policy Purpose

To highlight, and provide guidance, of CSR principles and practices to which Couture Kingdom aspires, and practices so Couture Kingdom can achieve the highest standards of responsible business practice and sustainability producing a positive impact on society.

Who it applies to

All employees and suppliers globally.



Corporate Governance, Law and Standards – Integrity

  1. Operate ethically, with integrity and cultural sensitivity in employing clear standards of corporate governance, respecting the rule of Law and striving to achieve the most ethical standards of normative international corporate behaviour;

Human Rights - Respect

  1. Respect fundamental human rights and the dignity of people by actively promoting equal opportunity, equality and diversity irrespective of race, ethnic or national origins, gender, sexuality, disability, marital status and religious belief;

Accountability and Transparency – Trust

  1. Be accountable and transparent and, subject to privacy and other obligations, prepared to publicly disclose our performance and experiences in the management of our social and environmental impacts, using internationally recognised frameworks for CSR and sustainability;

Stakeholders and Suppliers

  1. Engage with, and continue to build relationships with stakeholders by providing them with a range of opportunities by which to express their interests and concerns;
  2. Build relationships with stakeholders throughout the supply chain - from product developmentthrough to sourcing, procuring, marketing, selling, promotion, and to the delivery of our content - that share our desire to make a positive impact on society and the environment;
  3. Ensure suppliers CSR policies and values align with Couture Kingdom’s CSR policy and key values.


Couture Kingdom employs a systematic approach to CSR and sustainability management to strive for continuous improvement in performance, and thereby deliver wider benefits to Couture Kingdom, the community, other stakeholders and the environment.

Relevant staff, as part of their day to day activities, will undertake to:

  1. Identify key internal and external stakeholders that are impacted by Couture Kingdom activities and projects;
  2. Consider creative ways of engaging and working with our internal and external stakeholders so that material CSR and sustainability risks and opportunities are identified;
  3. Facilitate strategic and management commitment so that material risks are addressed and opportunities are utilised;
  4. Strive to continuously develop and improve, and/or adhere to our systems for managing, measuring, monitoring and reporting progress on material risks and opportunities;
  5. Strive to continuously develop and improve and/or adhere to those systems and practices that assist Couture Kingdom to meet clear standards of corporate governance in all our operations, and the standards expressed in our Editorial Policies;
  6. Introduce periodically reviewed objectives and targets for CSR and sustainability practices, relevant for each Division or Department, and integrate these into operating practices;
  7. Performing annual fund raisers and/or donating to chosen charities who share key values.

In pursuing the commitment expressed in this Policy Couture Kingdom will continue to develop ways to adopt and promote CSR so that Couture Kingdom achieves its goal of being visible and active in the community, setting high standards of social, environmental and regulatory responsibility.