In Conversation With @Findingsamie

We spoke to Samie @Findingsamie, Disney influencer and Star Wars enthusiast on her favourite pieces from the new Star Wars collection, what she loves most about the films and how she would style her new Star Wars jewellery.



  1. What do you love most about Star Wars?


I love sci-fi and fantasy, but I’m, honestly, a new Star Wars fan! The Mandalorian and The Child were my ticket in. How could I keep missing out on the storyline behind that adorable face popping up on every meme on my timeline? Baby Yoda is the force and I’m just thankful to be orbiting his universe! 


  1. When you first heard about the collection, what were you most excited about?


This might be a little bit of a ride spoiler, but there’s an epic scene on Hollywood Studio’s Rise of the Resistance that occurs after Darth Vader declares, “There’s nowhere to run.” 


The Darth Vader Light Saber earrings absolutely turns that striking moment into a fashionable statement piece! I was most excited about those earrings and I’m still excited about them! They didn’t disappoint and the asymmetry is a conversation starter! 


  1. What are your favourite pieces from the collection?


Wow! Where do I start? I love them all! They’re all such beautiful accessories, but, if I must choose, I love the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Drop earrings, the Mandalorian ECC the Child watch and the Rebellion vs Galactic Empire Reversible Necklace. 


Star Wars Millennium Flacon Drop Earrings - also available in Gold


Star Wars The Mandalorian ECC The Child Watch Large


  1. How would you style your three favourite pieces?


Star Wars is all about earth tones and natural colors to me. 


Shades of brown, green or blue are complimentary to every piece in this collection, which I love! I would accent the Death Star Drop earrings and necklace with an off the shoulder dress or v-neck blouse for a soft look. 


Black, gold or silver add a nice touch to the Darth Vader Light Saber earrings and Control necklace. Grab your favorite hoodie and sweats for a cool street style look and let the collection do the rest. 


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