In Conversation With @Amandainorlando

We spoke to Amanda Wrate, Disney influencer and Star Wars enthusiast on her favourite pieces from the new Star Wars collection.


1. What do you love most about the Star Wars franchise?

I recently watched all the movies after being blown away by Star Wars Galaxys Edge at WDW. I just love how old school and immersive the movies are. They are such a classic!


2.  When you first heard about the collection, what were you most excited about?

I was excited to see how y’all were planning to incorporate all of my favourite characters into jewellery pieces! They are all so cool and very detailed!


3. What are your favourite pieces from the collection?

I love Kylo Ren the most, so my favourite piece is definitely the drop earrings! Also love the Falcon and Tie Fighter designs! They are bigger pieces and just complete the perfect #StarwarsStyle look!


The Star Wars Millennium Falcon Drop Earrings - The iconic and much loved Millennium Falcon as contemporary statement earrings will soon be part of your go-to style.

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The Star Wars TIE Fighter Necklace - imagine the roar of a TIE engine as you rock this style with ease and confidence

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4. How would you style these 3 favourite pieces?

I have tons of aesthetic Star Wars tees and I plan to style these pieces with those and maybe some accent pieces with stars! I have some jeans and skirts that have stars on them, and it’ll look like I came straight out of a galaxy far far away.





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