February is for flying

February is for flying, so get your wings (and ears, as Dumbo would say) ready. While the world is waiting in excitement for the release of Dumbo Disney movie next month, we’ve launched our Dumbo Jewellery Collection to make your wait a little sweeter. We know there nothing quite like Disney magic to brighten up your day.

We’ve got all Dumbo Jewellery ready for you in Yellow, White and Rose Gold, so you will be spoiled with the choice. From Circus Ball Drop Earrings (or studs if you prefer this style), Circus Ticket Bangle to the iconic Magic Feather Necklace- there are plenty of ways to spoil the ones you love or yourself. We’ve heard from Timothy Q. Mouse that the magic feather can make you soar just like it did the trick for Dumbo.

Since the cute elephant with the oversized ears is the talk of the town this month, we could not help but notice his tender relationship with his mother. In the movie the heartbreaking storyline gets them separated, but we think this should never be the case. We cherish and celebrate the beautiful mothers and daughters’ bonds by releasing our Mother Daughter collection. It features the number of our favourite Disney Jewellery pieces in adult and child sizes to match.

On that note, this February is also about sharing the love and magic with the ones who are dear to your hearts. We have made this job easy by selecting our favourite Rose Gold pieces, so all you need to do is just pick your favourite Disney character. We’re frothing over Alice in Wonderland Potion Bottle Necklace in Rose Gold, because, you know, it has pure concentrated magic inside.

To sum it all up, we are wishing you a wonderful month: let your hearts be full and let your eyes sparkle. Give gifts to your loved ones and we will bring a pinch of Fairy Dust to make the magic happen Disney style.




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