The Couture Kingdom gift guide for your BFF

Where would we be without our BFF’s? Always there to have a good time and make you smile. Supportive no matter what; and always around to remind you to take that leap of faith and chase your dreams! Not to mention that our BBF's just make everything way more fun!

Whether you’re saying thank you, Happy Birthday, I miss you, or just sharing the love, we have the most perfect gifts for your BFF!

For that mischievous yet magical friend there’s only one way to go, with the sassy queen of mischief, Tinker Bell. Our Tinker Bell Pearl Necklace would make the most stunning gift for any occasion to show your love for your closest gal pal! And when she wears it she will think of a wonderful thought and you know it will be of you!

Here a CK we think that one of the best qualities of a true BFF is someone who encourages you to be brave and take a chance. They’re the ones who remind you that you are the hero of your story (and we LOVE stories)! Return the encouragement with our Courage Makes You Stronger Bangle from the Mulan Collection. 

We all have one of those super fab and fashionable friends right? When thinking fashion, only one icon comes to mind! Check out our Minnie Mouse range for all things sweet and polk-a-dotty! Our top picks are the Minnie Mouse Black Bow Necklace with matching Black Bow Stud Earrings. Your bestie will be overjoyed at her bow-tiful gifts!

Sometimes those closest to our hearts live for adventure and are now in a land far far away (but you stay connected with an endless text thread and conversations via emoji and animated gifs). So, for your adventurous friend, send some love with Rapunzel’s Follow Your Heart bangle from our Tangled collection.

And lastly, when we think Disney BFF’s nothing beats the bond of a friendship founded in the Hundred Acer Woods. Our Winnie the Pooh range has a whole bunch of favorites to choose from that will be just perfect for the BFF that has always stuck by you!

If you have recently made a Couture Kingdom purchase for your BBF, be sure to let us know what you got in the comments below!

Enjoy the magic



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