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Article: Ultimate Princess Celebration


Ultimate Princess Celebration

We love the ethos of the Ultimate Princess Celebration. A year long tribute to the courageous, fearless and empowered Princesses that we all admire. I wanted to be involved in the fun by launching new Disney Princess styles, but most importantly, welcoming additional Princesses to the Kingdom that we haven't had listed ever before. So for the first time in ever, Moana and Tiana are part of our world. 

Here are my top five picks featuring styles inspired by the animated films, Moana and The Princess and the Frog

1. Prince Naveen Necklace.

Kissing frogs, our hearts in the stars and happily ever afters, this Prince Naveen necklace just has it all. 

2. Princess Tiana Necklace

With magic in the air and Tiana by your side, anything exciting can happen. Adorned with mini pearls this is an exquisite piece.

3. The Princess and the Frog Charm Bracelet

Fans of Disney The Princess and the Frog will love this highly detailed charm bracelet featuring Tiana, Prince Naveen, Evangeline and glistening green crystals.

4. Moana Wayfarer Necklace

Find your own way and fill your hearts with adventure with the Moana Wayfarer necklace. Make everyday a special voyage.


5. Moana Conch Necklace

Celebrate Moana with our favourite symbolism of life, the Conch shell. A classic design for modern styling and subtle Disney flair. A perfect sentimental piece for true Disney Moana fans.



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