The magic of Mary returns

They say all great things take time! 54 years ago, the world met the Banks family. An unusual family, one in need of urgent help.  Someone to bring order to the entire family. The Banks children, Jane and Michael, had tormented so many Nannies into quitting that the family became desperate to find a replacement that lasts. Then on a wind from the east came a woman, a Nanny.

Mary Poppins graced our screens in 1964 with her carpetbag and peculiar umbrella. Her mysterious and magical ways saved the Banks family bringing them together and teaching them what’s most important in life. Walt Disney produced the film based off the children’s novels written by P. L Travers that were very dear to his own children’s heart.

These holidays, the world will experience the magic again in Mary Poppins Returns. The sequel is set decades after her first visit to see the Banks children. This time Mary Poppins returns to save Jane and Michael once again, after the family experiences heartbreaking tragedy.

The story introduces a few new characters but also pays tribute to some old ones. We see an aged Mr Dawes Jr, the son of George Bank’s boss in the first film, played by the remarkable Dick Van Dyke, who played Mr Dawes Snr in the original film.

In celebration of Mary Poppins Returns, Couture Kingdom has released a new Mary Poppins collection. Boasting spoonful’s of sugar, talking umbrellas and flying kites, this new range will take you back to the magic of Cherry Tree Lane!

Our range is now available, just in time for all your holiday shopping. We believe it truly is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

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