Did Someone say Love?

Did Someone say Love?

Fast approaching as our next day of celebration is Valentine’s Day. We are all a little excited because, well, we just love, love. And whether you’re celebrating your partner, pal, a family member or most sweetly yourself, we have some super delightful gift ideas perfect for the season of love.

Our newest collection, Sparkle & Shine is the best place to begin. Not only because everyone loves new releases, it’s all crafted in sterling silver, making this gift selection even more precious right from the start. Most pieces are super sparkly with cubic zirconia stones and some shimmer with Swarovski® crystals (with shine like this, they would definitely get Ariel's attention for collection).

So now that we have the precious and the touch of bling part sorted time to choose a style or character. And while we're talking about love here, what better focus could there be than everyone’s favourite sweethearts, Mickey and Minnie #couplegoals (for those obsessed with wings and sass, Tinker Bell also features in the new collection).

Here are our top 5 Valentine’s Day picks 

  1. Disney Precious Metal Minnie Mouse Crystal Outline Necklace- extra sweet with the touch of rose gold
  2. Disney Precious Metal Mickey Crystal Outline Bracelet- so minimal and stunning, it can be the perfect touch of Mickey no matter where you're going. Maximum love points from the recipient of this one!
  3. Disney Precious Metal Mickey Mouse Drop Earrings- super classy for your elegant love
  4. Disney Precious Metal Mickey Mouse Crystal Outline Necklace- classic, cute, and full of shine
  5. Disney Precious Metal Mickey Mouse Stud Earrings- because everyone needs a pair (and they are too cute not to add to your jewelry case)

If you choose one of our top 5 or any style from our new collection to gift this Valentine's day, be sure to tag us #couturekingdom so we can see your precious gift choice. Spread the love y'all. 

Enjoy the magic


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