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It’s time for another tale from us! And wow have we been busy? With the launch of the recent Aladdin collection and some super exciting things to come, we have definitely got a few hunny pots open and our little fingers sticky with sweetness; all exciting things that we can not wait to share with you! But for now, what we can share is all about the time we spent with the amazing duo from @OurBrandOfMagic. Christina and Courtney sat down with us and told us all about their Disney journey thus far.

Couture Kingdom: You look like two real-life Disney princesses. Has it become a full-time job for you yet?

Christina & Courtney: UGH, if only! Enjoying the parks and coming up with fun outfits and Disneybounds has been a huge creative outlet for us and we love doing this outside of our 9-to-5 jobs. If you know of any applications to become a full-time Disney princess let us know- we have our tiaras ready to go!

Couture Kingdom: What surprising lessons have you learned along the way?

Courtney: One thing that we’ve learned is that being open to new people and new experiences could not be more rewarding. We have gotten the incredible opportunity to meet so many wonderful people through the process of creating our account. We’ve connected with so many new friends who have shared interests who we might have passed at the parks without a second thought if it weren’t for Instagram.

Christina: We have also learned so much about style, culture, and the diverse perspectives people have about every aspect of the Disney brand. No two accounts are going to think about an outfit or a photo in the same way.

Couture Kingdom: What is your favourite thing about Disney?

Courtney: Disney has a library of incredible, strong, passionate and caring female role models that I’ve grown up with, that we’ve all grown up with! These women, thrown against the backdrop of innovative storytelling and intricate world-building, are the superheroes, princesses, friends and allies that we deserve! These role models inspire me to be better each and every day, to stay curious and caring in all of my endeavours.

Christina: I will forever be in awe of the strength of Disney storytelling. The worlds that Disney builds are designed to resonate and last which is why adults and children alike can find such common ground in each new story. The brand is built to inspire and live on well beyond the initial opening of a film or premiere of a show.

Couture Kingdom: As the saying goes: if you don’t use it, you will lose it. How do you keep your imagination strong? How can we all as adults find the magic that seems to be left in the childhood of many grown-ups?

Courtney: Don’t lose it - don’t ever lose it! Constantly and creatively challenge yourself. If I’m ever afraid to create anything it makes me want to do it more. I’m a very restless person so I try not to stay bored. If I ever get stuck in a rut I always reach out to people for help to show me a new perspective on something so that I can once again be inspired.

Christina: Imagination takes lots of different forms but I think that adults can find a unique form of magic in creative experiences. I personally draw back to a line in the dedication of Disney’s Hollywood Studios – it describes the park as “a place where illusion and reality are fused by technological magic.” I see magic in the process of how things are designed, built, and constructed. As an adult, you can understand and respect the engineering and design that goes into developing these spaces and experiences, from parks to films to television shows to consumer products. There is a whole new level of appreciation you can enjoy beyond the awe of seeing Disney as a child.

Couture Kingdom: All Disney characters have their own kind of magic in them. What’s your favourite character and why?

Courtney: Oh, gosh, that’s so hard! I have a huge soft spot for Dory. When the world seems scary and confusing, she finds the bright side in any situation!

Christina: I’m a Star Wars girl so I think I have to go with General Leia Organa. She represents this serene intelligence and power that I have a huge amount of respect for.

Couture Kingdom: You love dressing up. How important is the jewellery in your dress up?

Courtney: I think jewellery really ties a piece together, it’s gotten to the point where I feel naked without it. I thoroughly believe that the right jewellery can provide that extra sparkle for any outfit, elevating it to a whole new degree!

Christina: SO important! Jewellery can be that perfect element that ties a whole outfit together. I also assign memories to all my pieces so whenever I wear things they remind me of different people, places, etc. 

Couture Kingdom: What’s next for you?

Courtney: Hopefully, a great big beautiful tomorrow!

Christina: I’m going to go with Stan Lee’s motto here: Excelsior! Upward and onward to greater glory.



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